My artwork primarily functions as narratives of introspective spaces existing within the human self.  The ambiguous places I create allow for dialogue between the conscious and unconscious mind, where impossible orders engage in discourse inside a terrarium consisting of ones own dreams, fears, anxieties and pleasures.  The figures represented in my work are catalysts of the human condition, abstracted into concentrated and bizarre beings.  The surreal terrarium containing these figures support their ambiguity to insinuate order within an impossible world, mirroring the emotional complexities we experience inside ourselves. 

Through the transition of digital to analogue media, these works are created through experimentation allowing them to exist in multiple states, such as a digital image and a painting.  By introducing paint into a digital image the digital image acts as a blue print of the final piece, creating an infrastructure to aid, not limit the fluidity of painting or its sense of human-ness.  Within this experimentation I intend to play on sensations of colour and texture, manipulating its links to personal memory, in order to insinuate and instance where the unconscious may explore itself freely. 

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