Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Tomorrow I am leaving for my christmas vacation extravaganza! I really cannot wait its going to be a great experience.  I'll be in London for about 2 weeks (I will be there for my birthday! How awesome is that??), then to Hamburg, where I am spending Christmas with family, and afterwards Barcelona for a few days to warm up!! I didn't think about the climate changes I have to prepare for in my little duffle-bag I'm bringing. But hey! it's all about the experience right? I am going to document as much of it as I can.

Here are my self portraits of December... they are getting infrequent unfortunately, but I will be sure to keep doing them.  Life just gets in the way.

Self Portrait for December 5, 2010
2:35AM Dec 6
"The black pit breaks a little bit."

Self Portrait for December 7, 2010
3:46AM Dec 8
"run into my kiss, as a stranger"- i had this phrase looming over my head over and over again that night.

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