Wednesday, December 1, 2010

images, as if to appear from fleeting darkness...

Yesterday morning I had my critique in front of a panel of 3 judges (2 of which are my professors) to conclude my first semester here in Florence.  I can say, I was so nervous.  Not because I had no confidence in my work, but I was nervous as to how it was going to be received. And to my, complete dismay and pleasure, the 3rd judge on the panel whome they introduced to me as "Mistro", fully understood the intent of my work (although translated from italian) and in fact put it in simpler, clearer terms than I could.  He (in translation) noticed the relationship between unity and deconstruction. Simple, but such a complex idea.  I could have gone hours and hours talking about all the research I have done on the process of thoughts, but when it came down to it, in my work I have truly been trying to find the merging point between deconstructing and unifying the world around and within me.

Another thing, is apparently rubbing on any monumental building here in Florence is very illegal.  My art history professor filled me in at the end of my critique, that I could have been fined or put in jail for the process of my art making.  Haha, I had no idea and I mean no disrespect, but that just makes my process much more rare.

Close ups:

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