Thursday, March 15, 2012


My work primarily deals with concepts regarding the Self/Other relationship as a tense opposition existing within the human mind. The relationship between the human Self and the Other narrates the ambiguous space between consciousness and unconsciousness, where impossible orders engage in dialogue. This dialogue employs itself in these works through combinations of painting and collage by utilizing digital software programs, where conditions of foreignism and abstraction of the human form can rationally interact as a mirror of the human experience.
The ambiguous figures represented within my work are catalysts of the human condition, abstracted into concentrated beings. Surreal and illusory environments inhabited by these figures support their ambiguity to insinuate order within bizarre worlds. Through the translation between analogue and digital medias these worlds are constructed through experimentation, allowing them to exist in multiple states. These works utilize both process and concept as confrontations with the Other, and offer a new outlook on how one perceives one’s Self and the world around them.

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